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Legacy Circle


Guaranteeing the future of choral music in Santa Barbara



The Choral Society established the SBCS Endowment Fund in 2014, which is managed by the Santa Barbara Foundation.  By partnering with the Santa Barbara Foundation, we receive a variety of benefits, such as professional oversight of investments and access to a large, diversified investment portfolio.

The purpose of the Fund is to fulfill our mission to continue to provide the same high quality choral music that the community has enjoyed for the past 76 years.  Proceeds from the Endowment Fund will also allow us to expand our community involvement and educational programs to those who have not yet experienced the power of choral music.  As a loyal supporter, we hope you will consider a special gift to the Endowment Fund.

By including a provision in your estate plan, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that Santa Barbara will benefit from your generosity so that future generations may also experience the gift of choral music in perpetuity.


Impact Our Future Through Planned Giving

The Santa Barbara Choral Society greatly appreciates those special supporters who provide for a future gift through their estate plans. You may be looking for a way to make a significant gift to help further our mission. A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust where you can designate our organization as a beneficiary of a retirement, investment or bank account, or your life insurance policy. An IRA rollover allows people age 70½ and older to reduce their taxable income by making a gift directly from their IRA.These types of future gifts are a simple and affordable way to support, promote and preserve the Choral Society’s mission far into the future and cost you nothing now.  Please consider leaving a musical legacy to the Santa Barbara Choral Society.

Always consult with your estate attorney and financial managers to select the best legacy gift option to benefit yourself and your family.

For more information on how to become a Legacy Circle member, please contact John Maxwell at or 805-965-6577.