international tours


An international performance tour is an unforgettable experience, even for seasoned travelers.


The Choral Society has toured in Europe several times, twice with the UC Berkeley Alumni Choir, with a total entourage of about 100 people, including family and friends. On tour, the chorus must adapt as a smaller touring ensemble, adjust to each new venue, and bring performance-level energy to dress rehearsals and performances on top of a tourist schedule. Performing a choral masterwork within cathedral architecture for which a piece was written adds a rich dimension to the performance and the singer’s experience. Working with a local orchestra that doesn’t share your language is a fun cultural exchange.

One memorable appearance was in the Roman Catholic Mass ceremony at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Other great memories are little “pop-up” performances in places such as St. Mark’s in Venice and in the amphitheater in Pompeii. And none of us will forget how moved European audiences are by American spirituals. Tours have included fun add-ons like seeing the opera Aida in a Roman arena in Verona and a Tuscan wine dinner. Conditions permitting, The Choral Society will tour Sweden and the Baltic countries in 2023.