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Individual Donors

Individual donations make up more than 50% of our operating budget. Your generous support of our mission has kept the song alive since 1948! To support our ongoing mission, please donate now!

Keep the song alive in perpetuity through a gift to our endowment through Santa Barbara Foundation and become a member of our Rondo Society. Call 805-963-1873 to find out more!

Donations received between November 12, 2018 and November 12, 2020 include:

Passionata – $25,000+

Todd and Allyson Aldrich
Diane Dodds-Reichert and David Reichert
Brooks and Kate Firestone
Dick and Marilyn Mazess
Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation

Stanza – $10,000+

Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Santa Barbara County Arts Commission

Baton – $5000+

Karen and Peter Brill
Roger and Sarah Chrisman
Jody and Tom Holehouse
Debra L Stewart
Santa Barbara Symphony
Karen Williams

Soli – $2500+

Sid and Cindy Anderson
American Riviera Bank
John & Eleanor Lynn
Brian and Gisele McDermott
Montecito Bank & Trust
Claudia H Scott
Mary Secord
Paul Warner

Canto – $1000+

Carol G Adams
John and Mary C. Cochrane
John and Catherine Baker
Catherine Binger
Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation
Erica DiBartolomeo
Martha Firestone Ford
Mosher Foundation
W.F. Bartlett Francis
Barry and Norris Goss
Robert and Belinda Hart
Don Jeske
Charles Journey
Bob and Michelle Lally
Catherine Louise Less
Gail Lucas
John and Kitty Maxwell
Paula M Von Simson MD
Kate Rees
Lu Setnicka
Linda Shobe
James Taylor
Marie Vanerian
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1649

Visionary – $500+

Anna Aboud
Michael and Mary Dan Eades
Kathy Ann McGuire
Anita S Baldwin
Marcia Smith Bourain
Naomi and Glen Broomberg
Peter and Suzanne Brown
Barbara Burger and Paul Munch
Mary Byrd
Margo Callis
Kay Chambers
Nathalie E Confiac
Lucy L Connolly
Peter and Bonnie Curtin
Karen Dalton
Kathryn Luz Doughty
Barry and Pamela Enticknap
Suzie Follmer
Network for Good
Ken Hunter
Manuela Geiger-Kolbitsch
Peter Lombrozo
Gretchen M. Murray
Nicholas Mutton
Val Noronha
Mark and Lisa Ostendorf
Gregory Pantages
Kathy Piasecki
Joan Renehan
Stefan and Christine Riesenfeld
John R Rodkey
Barbara Rosen
Howard Rothman
Paul and Gayle Satterblom
Felicia Saunders
Candace L. Stevenson
Erin Thomson
Marylove Thralls and Michael Hackett

Sponsoring – $250+

Mikki Andina
Kattie Bachar
Richard and Molly Ballantine
Diane Das
Grace Davidson
Old Spanish Days
Karen L Decker
Nancy Elizabeth La Sota
Claire Engel
Alyssa Evans
Sharla Fell
Rodney Gustafson
Michael Horowitz
Thomas Hurd
Nancy Marilyn Keele
David Lennon
Dovie Louise Lindberg
Jonathan Mitchell
Michael Monagan
Scott C Myrvold
Zoe Nathan
Alice R Noble
John and Susan Renehan
Susan Renehan
Nancy R. Renshaw
Susan Robbins
Margot Roseman
Deborah Kay Rosique
Linda Rouhas
Leah Shrier
Matthew and Michaela Taylor

Sustaining – $100+

Joseph and Frances Adams
Raoul and Franziska Balcaen
Peter and Deborah Bertling
Rinda R. and Michael Brown
Richard and Candace Brumm
Ken and Janey Campbell
Maria L Chesley
Victoria Dillon
Mary La Face
Pamela Easley Harris
Camille Hunter
Pamela Johnston
Robin Kneubuhl
Margaret Lobnitz
Sue Mara
Margaret and John Olowski
Steven & Catherine Owens
Leanne Polacco
Kostis Protopapas
Michelle Richardson
Carol J Roberts and Mike Hiscocks
Paula Rudolph
Joan Y. Speirs
Paul A Tonkin
Joann Younger


Ann J. Adams
Glenn Bacheller
Daisy Beamon
Joyce Buck
Helen Caldwell
Edward Casey
America’s Charities
Ralph and Ellen Chase
Chris and David Chernof
Janice Cooper
Barry Cunningham
Kathie Deviny
Anne Diamond
JoAnn Dovgin
Sandra Eacret
Elizabeth A Erickson
Brendon and Ellen Evans
Doris Everhart
Barbara Fawaz
Richard Flacks
Martha Groszewski
Hillary R Hauser
Christine Hollinger
Susan Horne
Gregoire Jacob
Robert and Joan Jacobs
David Johanson
Patricia and Scott Johnson
Patricia Verdugo Johnson
Deborah Karoff
Lisa Lambert
David and Janice Levasheff
Fima Lifshitz
Donna L Mason
Laurie Mason
Jason C Mavrovitis
Penny McCall
Nancy McGrath
Joyce C McKnight
Anthony and Brigid Mills
Shari Mills
Arthur Nelson
Patricia Noronha
Elizabeth Olson
Terre Ouwehand
Steven Quam
Al Roberson
Marsha Roberson
Gilbert Robledo
Florence J Sanchez
Sheldon and Alice Sanov
Jean Schuyler
Barbara Shaw
Anna Soh
Susan K Solomon
Theodore Stern
Robert Straughn
Caroline Thompson
Marcia Tremblay
Pravrajika Vrajaprana
Mary Watkins
Patricia Wheatley
Stephen Young
Peter V Zimmer

Individual donations make up more than 50% of our operating budget. We gratefully appreciate all our donors at every giving level for their support; every donation we receive, however large or small is important to us. Ticket sales underwrite only a fraction of the cost of performance, preparation, and operation and your generous support ensures choral music will continue as it has for over 70 seasons!

We thank each of you for your support!