meet the chorus

Meet the Chorus

Choral Society singers share one super power: the ability to use our voices to bring music to life as an ensemble.


Like the best team sports, choral singing requires teamwork, practice and stamina.

For 80 singers to sound like one voice, each singer must constantly listen and adjust. Although we are primarily a volunteer community chorus, auditioned each year, some are semi-professional singers who help inspire our ensemble to the highest artistic levels.

We share the love of choral music, but quickly realize we have much more in common than music. The natural course of a season brings singers from all walks of life together to rehearse and perform, but also to build friendships. We like to say we are a singing family!


Anna Aboud
Megan Ashley
Prissy Barbour
Margaret Bloebaum
Karen Brill
Margo Callis
Nathalie Confiac
Stacy Cullison
Diane Das
Karen Decker
Erica DiBartolomeo
Kathryn Doughty
Mary Dan Eades
Pamela Enticknap
Alyssa Evans
Ellen Evans
Sharla Fell
Suzie Follmer
Manu Geiger-Kolbitsch
Ann Marie King
Gail Lucas
Marilyn Mazess
Melanie McQueen
Margot Roseman
Barbara Rosen
Felicia Saunders
Leah Shrier
Candy Stevenson
Debra Stewart
Lisa Sueyres
Michaela Taylor
Marylove Thralls
Pravrajika Vrajaprana


Anita Baldwin
Marcia Bourain
Naomi Broomberg
Rinda Brown
Mary Byrd
Jo Anne Carr
Kay Chambers
Maria Chesley
Grace Davidson
Mimi Do
Kate Firestone
Jennica Harris
Jody Holehouse
Nancy Keele
Nancy LaSota
Eleanor Lynn
Marisa Marigold
Laurie Mason
Kathy McGuire
Naomi Merer*
Gretchen Murray
Kathy Piasecki
Kate Rees
Joan Renehan
Susan Renehan
Susan Robbins
Deborah Rosique
Linda Rouhas
Susannah Ruth*
Claudia Scott
Lu Setnicka
Erin Thomson
Karen Williams


Todd Aldrich
John Baker
Will Breman*
Noam Fields-Meyer
Tom Hurd

James Kirkland*
Scott Myrvold
John Rodkey
Paul Satterblom
Ross Williams


Michael Bloebaum
Brooks Firestone
Bart Francis
Bob Lally
Peter Lombrozo
John Maxwell
Jonathan Mitchell
Gregory Pantages
Jim Robbins
Howard Rothman
John Schranck
Steven Thomson**
Paul Warner
Edward Zhu

* Section Leader
** Assistant to the Conductor/Section Leader


Individual donations make up more than 50% of our budget. Your generous support keeps the song alive.