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How to Watch the Spring Video

Get ready to watch the SBCS Spring Video!

You will be able to watch our video premiere on our YouTube channel. This is the direct link to the video.

If you have a preferred way to watch YouTube videos, plan to do that! If you’re not YouTube savvy, read on…

But first, a tip: This video will look best on a big screen, and sound best with the best audio you have. Sure, you can enjoy it on your tiny phone, but at least use good headphones for the best possible sound.

Watching on a TV
You can stream the video to your TV in a variety of ways. Below are four common options.

1) If you have a smart TV and it has a YouTube app, just search for Santa Barbara Choral Society a few hours before 5:00 PM PT on Saturday, April 3, and you’ll be able to find the premiere video. (Here’s a video that might help get your TV connected.)

2) If you have another streaming device that runs apps, like AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, or Roku, you can use that to connect to YouTube and watch the premiere. (See the video above at about 2 minutes in for details.)

3) You could also connect your laptop or computer to the TV via an HDMI cable and change the TV’s input, then stream the video from the computer (using the TV as a second monitor, basically).

4) If you know how to cast a video to your TV, you can do it over the air (here’s a video for that).

Watching on a computer, tablet or phone
You can watch the video on a smaller device if that’s easiest for you — just be sure to get your headphones ready, as the speakers in most devices are not awesome — and you’ll want to hear all the great audio. To watch on a computer in the best possible resolution, click the gear icon on the YouTube page and choose Quality, then 1080p (HD).

Try it now
If you’d like to test, why not try this fun video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1a3JpWJkd0 If you can watch that inspiring video on your big screen, you’ll be able to enjoy the premiere in the same way.

Why sign into YouTube to watch How Can We Keep from Singing?

  • You can subscribe to channels like the Santa Barbara Choral Society’s channel
  • You can participate in the chat on the video, interact with fans and other members (only works if you are viewing on a computer or mobile device, not TV)
  • Like and comment on videos, including Saturday’s video premiere

Here are videos for How to create an account on YouTube and How to use your Google account for YouTube (if you have Gmail, you have a Google account already).

We don’t have a dedicated tech support staff, and there are many variations that can affect how your setup is different from others. So, please — test early and check with your whip-smart grandkids if needed.