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Kathy Doughty, Soprano I

Kathy joined the soprano contingent of SBCS in 1996 and sang for about 5 years, before she took off for about a decade to be at home with her kids on Wednesday evenings. Like so many of those who love to sing, of her return to is, she says, “I am so happy to be back!”

She’s been singing since before she can remember, she tells us and history would seem to bear that out; when she was 4 her kindergarten teacher wrote that she always knew when Kathy was absent, because the singing just didn’t sound right. (Funny, she says, of all the comments from her youth, that’s one that she remembers most fondly).

She was a choir fanatic in high school, telling us, “… at one point I was in 5 school choirs at once. (I was really lucky that my high-school put such emphasis on voice. There were more people in choir than in band or football.) I took voice lessons in high school and later in graduate school. I even toyed with the idea of taking a second degree in voice (just for a while, until I reminded myself that I was NOT the next Beverly Sills, and that singing would be much more fun as a hobby than a vocation.)”

When not singing with the chorus, Kathy happily cops to being ‘a nerd!’ She owns a company of “subject matter experts” who deal with the effects of radiation and other stressing environments on visible and infrared sensors. Her other passions apart from singing?

She loves to knit, and her latest obsession is hip-hop dancing. Yeah, she’s the first to admit (and we have to agree) it’s an unusual mix. Recently she danced in a hip-hop performance that her dance troupe had been practicing for the last year. She reports that it was very different from singing, but a lot of fun!

Kathy has been married for 19 years to an amazing man, Forrest, and has two teenagers, Will and Gil, and their ‘third child’, a Golden Retriever, named Megami.