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Claudia Scott, Alto

After the requisite time in school, college, and graduate school in library science, SBCS alto Claudia Scott moved to Santa Barbara in January of 1969, about two weeks before the big oil spill. She joined Santa Barbara Choral Society in September of that year and except for a year and a half when she lived in Calgary Alberta–understandably a long commute to rehearsal–she’s been a member ever since.  Amazingly, that’s 47 years of singing for Santa Barbarans! She currently holds the distinction of ‘longest membership in the choir’ and this year, she returns to the Board of Directors as its Secretary!

She says she discovered the joys of singing choral music in college, where she sang in what was known as “monster choir” – a non-auditioned group. Each year before Christmas the choir performed an oratorio, and she says she’s never forgotten the experience of singing great music with an orchestra. Thus her excitement when she learned about Choral Society from a co-worker at her first job.

She claims she could be called a sort of music junkie: loves going to concerts, loves being around musicians, and loves making music. She maintains she wouldn’t have made it out of Jr. High, if it hadn’t been for orchestra, where she played the cello. Her love of making music continues to this day; besides singing in the alto section with Santa Barbara Choral Society, she also plays cello in the SBCC orchestra.  During her first years here in Santa Barbara, she met and married her husband, Don. He also sang – in Barbershop Quartets. It was a match made in heaven with double the pleasure — she’d go to his concerts and he’d come to hers.

Besides trying to learn her music, Claudia also enjoys a ceramics class through the Center for Life Long Learning at SBCC. Westmont College gave her a potter’s wheel when she retired from the library last year, so now she can throw pots in her “studio” – really her garage, she adds. She’s finding that pottery, like music takes lots of practice.

Lastly, she volunteers at the Santa Barbara Botanic garden once a week (in their library – go figure). But recently, she’s branched out and begun helping them make bay laurel wreaths for the holiday sale.

Claudia has two daughters,  both apparently inherited her love of music and she says they were “band geeks” in high school. They are now married and have two children each. She’s loving seeing her daughters be parents and squeezing her grandchildren.