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Anita Baldwin & Mary Byrd, Altos — and Neighbors!

Altos Anita and Mary

Anita Baldwin and Mary Byrd, altos, both decided this past summer to audition for our chorus, but for different reasons. Anita, a retired project manager, auditioned because a fellow member of her church choir is in the chorus and, having been to some of our previous concerts, Anita thought, “This might be fun!” Mary, a Communications & Environmental Project Manager, heard about SBCS through a friend whose friend had sung in our chorus for years and had loved it. Mary had hoped to take up choral singing again because she had enjoyed it so much in her youth, and so, after visiting our web site, decided to audition.

Both Anita and Mary passed their audition and showed up to our first rehearsal in early September. At that time they were each handed a roster of singers that they looked over as they sat in the alto section. To their surprise, they discovered that they live on the same street! Conversation followed and they decided to start carpooling to rehearsal. They are both very happy with the arrangement and are enjoying the new musical fellowship and community they have found with our chorus. We are thrilled to have both of them singing with us and are pleased that their world has become a bit smaller because they each made that decision to audition for the Choral Society!