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Notes from Our Singers: Why I Am Planning to Audition (again!)

Are you thinking about auditioning for the Santa Barbara Choral Society? Do you wonder what it’s like to belong to this chorus? We asked our current singers to tell us what specifically moves them to go through the audition process year after year. Here are some of their responses:

“Our weekly rehearsals feed my soul, and performing for the community is one of the best gifts I am able to give.” – Diane, 20-year member

“It’s a privilege to have this chorus in Santa Barbara, and even more so to belong to it.” – Val, 1-year member

“The music that we make is at such a high level of quality. I have friends there.” – Felicia, 11-year member

“Singing feeds my soul, surrounded by outstanding musicians — amateur and professional. Our director is about the quality of music as well as enjoyment!” – Jody, 1-year member

“I love the opportunity to sing with others and work toward performances which drives the group forward. It’s a great experience which I have been a part of for 12 yrs.” – Marilyn, member

“The chance to go on tour to Italy was what led me to audition the first time. I continue to audition each year because I value the friendships and experiences that this chorus has given me.” – Suzie, 3-year member

“The incredible positive energy you can only get from the sounds waves of 100 people’s voices washing over you. The camaraderie. The mental challenge of learning new, difficult music. The benefits of deep breathing!” – Mary Dan, 14-year member

Mary Dan also offers the following audition advice: “Do yourself a favor and JUST DO IT! It will likely be the best thing you’ve done for yourself in a long time.” Won’t you consider auditioning for our 71st season? Auditions will be held this coming August 25 & 26 by appointment. Click here for more information about the process. We hope you will schedule yours!