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Gearing Up for a New Season

Black Choral Music FolderThe 2014-15 season will commence rehearsals Wednesday September 3 and with it may come the need to replace or update supplies!  If you’re new to the chorus and need a black music folder (or if your old folder is a little ragged from long use) you can support SBCS when you purchase a new one here.  This one comes with inside pockets and either elastic bands to hold the music or rings, if you prefer.  Nothing more embarrassing than having your music fall out in the middle of a concert!


Music for Sight Singing


One of the biggest benefits of singing with SBCS is the chance to really improve your vocal musicianship.  JoAnne mentioned the Ottman Music for Sight Singing texts, used in many college and university choral performance programs as one good way to improve sight reading skills.  While not cheap, by any means, the benefit clearly outweighs the cost!  The text is available in both soft cover and in Kindle editions for use anywhere, anytime from an iPad or smart phone. That’s what I got and it couldn’t be more convenient!


How about a tuning fork?  Haven’t you always wanted one to be sure your pitch is pitch perfect?

Tuning Fork